Lease a Volvo in Glen Cove, NY

A Guide to Leasing a Volvo at Volvo Cars Glen Cove

Leasing a Volvo is ideal for drivers from Glen Cove, NY who want new vehicles every couple of years. Lease a specific model through our Care by Volvo subscription service. Then, simply select a newer or upgraded version at the end of the lease terms. Purchasing your Volvo after the lease is also an option, so those who would like a lower monthly payment, in the beginning, can use a lease as a stepping stone.



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Lease Options

Take advantage of our lease and financing deals by contacting Volvo Cars Glen Cove for your approval. Test drive your selection to see how a new Volvo would work out for your family.

We have plenty of Volvo vehicles available for Jericho drivers to lease, including:

  • XC90
  • XC60
  • S90
  • S60
  • XC40

Some Helpful Reminders for When your Volvo Lease is Wrapping up

If you have been driving around Oyster Bay in your leased Volvo, you might wonder about the process involved in turning your vehicle back. You can return your leased Volvo to Volvo Cars Glen Cove near Roslyn Heights even if you did not originally lease through us. When the day comes to return your lease, make sure you bring all the items that came with your including the spare tire, owner's manual, and all keys and fobs. The dealership will contact you to set up an inspection to evaluate any repairs that need to be done. During the final month of your lease, schedule a meeting with the dealership to turn the vehicle back.

Make Needed Repairs

Once the inspection is complete, you will receive an account of what you should repair. If the inspection reveals nothing more than normal wear and tear, you will receive a clear report. Old Westbury drivers will just want to pay attention to mileage to make sure not to exceed the amount permitted in the contract. However, if any damages need to be corrected, the report should be noted and should be fixed before you turn the lease back in. Because the inspector may give you repairs to make, it's important to meet as early as possible. You will then have enough time to arrange the repairs with a Volvo dealer before the lease has ended. When in doubt, ask the inspector. You can have a Volvo service center do the repairs, or you can take it to a body shop of your choice.

Turn It In or Purchase It?

You may not realize this, but you can buy the Volvo that you have leased. You may have become attached to the vehicle that you currently have so you may want to buy it rather than returning it to the dealership. If that is the case, you can purchase it for the residual value that is contained in your contract. This option if you find that you have way exceeded the allowed number of miles and do not want to pay the penalty. If Long Island drivers are ready to hand in the lease, continue with the inspection and get ready. Remember that you can lease another new Volvo immediately upon turning your current one in.

Start New

As your lease ends, there may be incentives on a newer Volvo that would be great to get. Along with this, the dealers could offer extra perks that make a fresh start worthwhile. To know how well this could work for you, review the lease and sale specials online and then schedule test drives for the cars that interest you.

Lease With Us

Come by Volvo Cars Glen Cove near East Norwich to learn more about the lease option and that will work best for your lifestyle. Our friendly staff is ready to set you up with a great deal or simply answer any leasing questions you may have.