Frequently Asked Questions About Leasing a Volvo

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Volvo Glen Cove is Answering Your Volvo Lease Questions

If you're considering leasing a new Volvo model in Glen Cove, our dealership has you covered with the selection, expertise, and resources to help make sure you make the right decision. However, we also know that your decision to visit us from Oyster Bay, Old Westbury, or Roslyn Heights means you'll want to know exactly what to expect when you visit us for your Volvo lease, which is why we're here to answer some of the most frequently asked Volvo lease questions.

How Do I Lease a New Volvo?

Getting right into the heart of the matter, leasing a new Volvo is easy when you visit our dealership, whether you're coming from East Norwich, Jericho, or from right here in Glen Cove. Your lease will be run through Volvo financial services, and together we'll determine which lease deals you qualify for and which options are best for you.

Will I Need a Down Payment to Lease a New Volvo?

While some Volvo lease deals and special offers will allow you to skip the down payment, most new Volvo leases will require some sort of down payment in order to take the vehicle home. The amount of this down payment varies depending on the vehicle price and your financial situation, but to be safe, having about $5,000 handy to put down on your new Volvo lease will put you in a good position to take home just about anything we have available.

How is Leasing Different Than Financing?

With a new Volvo lease, you'll have several advantages over traditional financing that might prove to make it the better overall deal. For starters, with a new Volvo lease you aren't being asked to pay for the full value of the vehicle, which allows your monthly payment to be lower while also offering a shorter term. This combination not only keeps more money in your pocket, but allows you to keep up with new models and updates as they arrive with each generational update, rather than waiting five or six years between new vehicles.

Can I Return My Lease Early?

With the Volvo Pull Ahead Lease Program, you can terminate your lease up to nine months early in order to lease a brand new Volvo model ahead of your scheduled term end date. Not only will Volvo Financial waive nine months of payments, but they will also waive the vehicle turn-in fee in order for you to jump into that new Volvo model that's caught your eye. Whether you're upgrading your Volvo SUV to accommodate your growing family or you just want the improved performance, styling, and features of the latest Volvo inventory, you can end your current Volvo lease nine months early and jump into the vehicle you've got your eye on.

Can I Lease with Bad or No Credit?

While your credit score is a major factor in determining your eligibility for a new Volvo lease, there are also several other factors taken into consideration when deciding whether or not you are eligible for a new Volvo lease. Our team works hard with Volvo Financial to approve as many people as possible, so if you have the income and some positive factors on your side, you may be able to lease a new Volvo from our dealership even if your traditional credit score isn't the best.

What Happens at Lease End?

When your Volvo lease ends you'll be required to turn the vehicle into a Volvo dealership on your lease end date. An inspection will determine any damage fees based on issues that go beyond normal wear and tear, while a pre-inspection will let you know about any issues so you can fix them before your lease termination date.