Leasing a new Volvo at our Glen Cove dealership is a great way to bring home the luxury car or SUV you deserve, and it comes with several benefits you may not even initially think about when you first visit Volvo Cars Glen Cove from Oyster Bay, Jericho, or Roslyn Heights. For starters, a new Volvo lease will help keep more money in your pocket in more ways than one, so you’ll have more freedom to do what you love in Old Westbury and East Norwich.

How a New Volvo Lease Saves You Money


First, a new Volvo Lease doesn’t make you pay for the full value of the vehicle the way that traditional financing does. This means that you have both a lower monthly payment and shorter term than a typical auto loan for the same vehicle, even if you qualify for zero percent financing. Not only do you save money every month, but the shorter term allows you to jump into the next generation of Volvo models as they arrive in two to three years, rather than waiting out a five or six-year loan in between auto purchases.

Furthermore, your new Volvo lease is designed to keep you within your warranty throughout the duration of the lease term. This means that any major issues that pop up will generally be covered by your warranty, and you’ll avoid paying out of pocket while also making a car payment.

Other Volvo Lease Benefits

With a new Volvo lease, you’ll also have the ability to be enrolled in the Volvo Pull Ahead Lease program, which allows you to jump into a new Volvo model with as many as nine months remaining on your current lease. So if a new Volvo hits the market that you just have to have, you can cut your current lease short and jump into that new model without any worries or waiting. They’ll even waive the vehicle turn-in fee so you can jump into that new Volvo lease as quickly and easily as possible.

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