The brand-new Volvo V90 almost takes the driving out of your hands and into its own hands. If you’re looking for a safer and more efficient vehicle, make an appointment at Volvo Cars Glen Cove to test drive on through Glen Cove, NY today. You’ll be impressed with the oncoming lane and run-off-road mitigation systems.

Distractions are more prevalent than ever in the vehicle, which means you might find yourself drifting into another lane without realizing it. The V90 recognizes when another car is coming at you, and it quickly and safely steers you out of harm’s way. The run-off-road mitigation system does the same thing during inclement weather. It takes the work from your shoulders.

These two systems work together to keep you and your family safe on the road. They are no substitution for careful driving and fewer distractions, but you never know what might happen when technology doesn’t keep up with the way people drive. Try this car on to see if it fits your family’s safety needs.

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